Elect Rob Ortt for North Tonawanda Mayor
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Welcome to my website. Please check out the information on this site to learn more about me and my plan to bring new leadership to North Tonawanda. I truly hope that you find the content on this page informative and encourage others to visit.

Your input on how we can build a better future for our city is welcome. Please email me at rob@robortt.com if you would like to share your ideas or help out my campaign. Thanks for visiting.

Vision for North Tonawanda

Reduce: The Cost of Government
  • Consolidate resources, such as water, with other communities to lower water rates
  • Provide an efficient local government we can afford
Rebuild: Our Roads
  • Seek long-term solutions to our crumbling infrastructure, instead of "quick fixes," so taxpayers aren't paying for the same thing over and over
Restore: Our City
  • Turn the former Durez site into something all NT citizens can use and be proud of
  • Bring a successful concert series - like the one we had - back to downtown